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20 Best Websites To Sell Your Products On

Darrel Wilson, WordPress Designer

29 August 2016

So you created your ecommerce website, now why dont you have any visitors? Well the problem is, most of the time your website isnt getting found. While you can do some SEO to gain some visibility, posting on other websites where they already receive a large amount of traffic is your best solution. Another thing, if your a new seller, stay away from amazon.com. Its not as easy as everyone makes it out to be and you’ll end up burning yourself out. Take your time. The internet isnt going anywhere.

I have compiled a detailed list of ALL GOOD websites to post your products with a good amount of traffic. I searched in depth for these websites and analyzed them with similarweb.com to make sure these are quality sites that are receiving a decent amount of traffic.

Post your products to all these websites. Dont limit yourself. Its good for exposure and visibility. Remember, ebay and amazon aren’t the only websites where you can sell. In fact, they are very competitive compared to these other websites. Take your time and browse around.

Sell On Multiple Sites

Increase Your SEO Rankings

The websites below are all verified from similiarweb.com for its traffic and sources. Below are THE BEST places to post your products online to sell! Check them out!

Facebook Store | https://www.similarweb.com/website/facebook.com#overview | 19% USA

Amazon.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/amazon.com | 2.3 Billion 72% USA

tsy.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/etsy.com | 170 Million 62% USA

opensky.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/opensky.com | 6 Million 95% USA

bonazna.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/bonanza.com | 7.6 Monthly ) 80% USA

ebay.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ebay.com | 1.1 Billion  62% USA

rubylane.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/rubylane.com#overview | 1.4 Million 73% USA

newegg.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/newegg.com | 62 Million 75% USA

eCrater.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ecrater.com#overview | 2 Million 69% USA

groupon.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/groupon.com | 105 Million 85% USA

cafepress.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/cafepress.com#overview | 7.5 Million 81% USA

macys.com | https://www.macysinc.com/vendors/

target.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/target.com | 123 Million Visits 98% USA

ubid.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ubid.com | 110K Visits 80% USA

swappa.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/swappa.com | 3.7 Million 79% USA

zibbet.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/zibbet.com | 129K Monthly 58% USA

ebid.net | https://www.similarweb.com/website/ebid.net#overview|  661k Monthly | 28% USA

depop.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/depop.com | 1 Mil 34% USA

custommade.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/custommade.com#overview | 548k Monthly 70% USA

sell.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/sell.com | 141k Monthly Visits 54% USA

livingsocial.com | https://www.similarweb.com/website/livingsocial.com | 8.3 Million 95% USA (local)

Rakuten (buy.com) | https://www.similarweb.com/website/rakuten.com | 12 Million monthly visits 47% USA

“Dont start off trying to sell on amazon.com. It can be difficult.  Start off with some of these websites before you try and sell on amazon! ”

Heres a list of classified ads for you to also post your products! These have VERY high traffic. Craigslist still receives almost 1 billion monthly visits, dont underestimate classified ads







Many people today believe that you can only sell your products on amazon and ebay. The problem with these websites is that since they are so well known, they charge a lot more fees that regular companies. In addition, they have very picky standards and make it really hard to sell your products online. eBay has let Chinese manufactures start to sell on their website in a desperate move to revive the website and as a result has quickly scattered us sellers from the website. I have compiled a really good list of websites where you can sell your products along with the average monthly visitors to the website. Take it slow. Dont overwhelm yourself and quit. Like i said, the internet is on the internet  24 hours a day! Its not going anywhere

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