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Hi. My Name Is Darrel. This Is MY Story

I was born and raised in California, USA. I grew up playing soccer in Chatsworth, CA for about 15 years and just enjoyed sports in general. In High School, I really felt that I didnt want to work for someone forever. I tried to start my own business at a young age and failed. I decided to go to college like everyone else and get a good education. I attended Moorpark College and than later transfered To Cal State Northridge. In addition, I also obtained a Legal Certifcation from the califorania state bar to work in childs court.  It wasnt until 2013 that things changed. I worked long hours, had a boss that really didnt treat me nice and just ended up doing the 9-5. I felt trapped. I couldn’t make decisions, I didnt have choices. My time was spent looking at the clock, does this sound familiar?

How Did I Start?

I loved hiking. I started my first website in 2014 called LAhikereviews.com to help record my progress of hiking. I just created wordpress websites on the side for fun.  People than started to ask me how I did this and if I could do the same for them. I never really thought about it, but i started to create blogs for others. I than turned to Youtube to show others how to create blogs and websites. This was my first time teaching. I failed. No one saw my content. I got no views. It was frustrating. But this time, I felt confident about my content and kept on producing tutorials. 6 months of failing turned into progress.   Later, I took a huge risk. Even though i was not generating enough money for my well being, I truly felt there was potential. I decided to quit my leave my job to teach fulltime. Was it worth it?

What I Do Now

I think so! I now instruct on multiple websites with over 30,000 students and over 3 million views. I am also one of the top rated instructors on udemy.com and have a large following on youtube. I want to help others in need just like I was. If you have a desire to learn and truly want to invest your time, than im here to help. I dont like dreamers.  But you know what, i didnt start out this way. I took risks. If this sounds like you, just try and do what I did. Im not saying its going to work out perfectly, but hey, i failed for years. Its the way you get up and try again that determines your character. My tutorials are created to help you design your own websites and possibly create a new career with wordpress. You might ask yourself, if its worth it? Should I take risks to better myself? Well, I did. I say its worth every second.



Our Greatest Weakness Lies In Giving Up. The Most Certain Way To Succeed Is Always To Try One More Time. – Thomas Edison
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