Azera Shop Layout Packs

Hey Guys! This is for my new tutorial. It includes several layout packs to help you get started with your website.

This is for Front Page Image (No Parallax)

table backround

The following are images that you can download for free. It helps give you ideas as to what you want to make for your wordpress website. Its not easy coming up with ideas, so i decided to help you out with a few images

[media-downloader media_id=”25095″ texts=”Wood Table Backround”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25094″ texts=”Desert Terrain Backround”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25093″ texts=”River with Woman”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25092″ texts=”Night Sky”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25098″ texts=”Nature”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25100″ texts=”Mountains”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25097″ texts=”Balloons”]


Parallax Effect With Laptop

laptop with parallax

The following are for the parallax effect. This option creates an illusion that the picture is folliwing the mouse cursor. Its a really neat option and is very creative as well


[media-downloader media_id=”25101″ texts=”Laptop / 1 line “]


[media-downloader media_id=”25102” texts=”Laptop / 2 line “]


[media-downloader media_id=”25104″ texts=”Colorful Night Sky”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25098″ texts=”Amazing Nature”]


Parallax Effect With Phone

girls with roses

This effect is really fun. It makes the audience think that you are taking a picture of the backrounds with this illusion effect. Its another great feature that this theme allows. Go ahead and give it a try 🙂

[media-downloader media_id=”25105″ texts=”Phone / 1 Line Text”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25106″ texts=”Phone / 2 Line Text”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25148″ texts=”Girls With Roses”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25107″ texts=”BoardWalk “]


I hope this helps everyone get new ideas for their ecommerce wordpress website. If you need any help, feel free to contact me or message me on Facebook. Good luck!







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