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Top 8 Best Web Hosting Companies

  1. HostGator

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45 Day Money Back!

99.9% Uptime!

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2. TMD Hosting (FAST)



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4. GreenGeeks (Recommended)

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5. InMotion Hosting

FAST SSD Hosting

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FREE Website Backups

$250 In Advertising Credits


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6. Fatcow

24/7 Support!

30 Day Money Back!

FREE Domain

Over $200 In FREE Extras


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7. A2 Hosting



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30 Day Money Back!


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8. SiteGround

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FREE Domain Included!

FREE SSL Certificate!

30 Day Money Back!

5 Star Rated!

99.9% Uptime!


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Web Hosting F.A.Q. – Why Its Important

What is Web Hosting?

It can be defined as a business which provides internet server space for the websites. Sometimes some additional services like website creation also refers to as web hosting. Web hosting is a service which is provided by web hosting company.

What is a Web Host?

A provider should offer  the best web hosting services which include storage, connectivity and also many of other services that are required to operate on files for the hosting purpose of a website. There are literally thousands of web hosting services, ranging from individuals to worldwide corporations.

People who have never had a website before may be wondering why they would need to get a web hosting service. Can’t you just put your website onto the World Wide Web and then forget about it? What does the web hosting provider even do? Well hopefully we will be able to provide answers to these very common questions in this article.

Here is a good example of how to get web hosting and install wordpress with Fatcow

The web to many of us is like a little physical world that is external to our own computer. However the web is held on millions of computers all over the world – well bits of it are. So when it comes to placing a website onto the web, it will need to be stored somewhere. And any requests by people to view your website will have to be dealt with by a server, this provides a place to store the data for your website and provides a server function so that people can view this data if they request it.

It is possible to have a website without paying somebody else to be your web host. If you bought a server yourself then you could actually act as your own web host. This way your data would be stored on your computer and all requests would be processed through your server. The problem with this option is that it involves a quite a bit of technical knowledge and it is not a cost-effective solution for most of us. There would also be some security issues when it comes to owning your own physical server and these would probably be very hard to cope with for the non-expert.

It is usually much better for people to pay for a web hosting service because it will be able to provide everything required and will be a much more affordable option. It also means that we don’t need to take charge of a server and deal with all the problems that can arise with this. We pay somebody else to ensure that our content is on the web.

When you decide to go into internet marketing, you should make sure that you have web host issues sorted out. The hosting world can be a confusing one though for a newbie. For instance, you could find domain names when you are looking at different hosting options and plans.

When you need the best web hosting for that great website you have planned. There area ton of features and hosting plans offered by web hosting companies, but there are five basics factors you will want to make sure you are getting when selecting your hosting provider.

1. Databases

Be sure you are getting ample databases to support and expand your website. All blogging, forum, and Websites that use any form of dynamic data applications or capture user data require a database to function. Unfortunately, most shared hosting packages only offer one to five databases; this can limit your ability to expand and may not be enough to carry out the planned functions of your website. The minimum number of databases you should look for is ten. Granted you may not need that many but if you do they will be readily available without spending additional money to add on databases. Usually the higher priced hosing plans offer more databases but you should not have to opt for a more expensive plan to get 10 databases.

2. Multiple Domains

Web hosting companies usually limit the number of domains you can serve from your hosting plan. Some hosting plans, usually the lower cost or free plans, only allow one domain name per plan. If you are for sure you will only have one website then this will be of no consequence. However, if you plan on having multiple websites then you should look for a hosting plan that offers the ability to host multiple sites from a single hosting plan. A hosting plan that offers at least 5 domains is a minimum. You should be aware that the resources of your hosting server will be shared by all domains assigned to the web hosting plan. Make sure the plan you get provides ample disk space, bandwidth and databases to keep multiple sites up and running.

3. Developer support

Developer support is the litmus test for any web host. You may be starting with a simple website but as time goes on many times you may want to add additional functionality or features to your site. Also when adding new websites to your hosting plan additional capabilities may be needed. This is where a hosting provider can easily make or break your plans. If your web hosting provider is limited on developer languages or web application offerings you may have to find a new hosting provider. This is something you do not want to do. Having multiple hosting accounts or hosting providers is a sure way for confusion and frustration. Most hosting companies offer various language support and misc. application support but why not get it all. Yes there are hosting providers that offer everything you will ever need and it doesn’t cost any more.

No matter what hosting package you are considering,make sure you are getting the most support possible. Below is a list of the most popular website development items available:php,mysql,ruby on rails,python,cgi,perl,java,asp,coldfusion,frontpage server extensions,content managment tools,ecommerce solutions,project management tools,blogs,message board or forum tools,photo gallery tools,admin tools,misc. web-site add-ons.

4. Customer support

Working late at night on that website, or perhaps on the weekend (Sunday Night)? Got a deadline to get a site up and running but just ran into a problem. Perhaps you just discovered you need an additional web app or database. It can be very frustrating and sometimes costly if you cannot get customer support from your hosting company when you need it (on your schedule). Always look for a web hosting service provider that provides 24x7 customer support. That is 24 hours a day 7 days a week and I don’t mean just Email support. Email support is important and should be part of the customer support package but what you really want is phone support. Many times problems or issues need to be discussed to reach a quick resolution, passing Emails around can takes days or sometimes weeks. Your number one tool for support should be the phone, make sure your web hosting company is awake and working when you are. You will want to make sure there is an on-line knowledge base as well. Not only is a knowledge base good for answering questions, it is also very useful for use as a learning tool.

5. Server Uptime

Your website should be up and running 24x7. However things do happen in the real world that can sometimes cause a website to go down. In spite of real world problems, your web hosting provider should offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. With today’s internet technology there are ways to insure websites stay functional virtually every minute of every day. Don’t settle for a hosting company that cannot guarantee your website is up and running around the clock.

Web hosting is the backbone of the success of your website. While the content of your site is vitally important, any short coming in your web hosting service is sure to translate to failure at your site. The hosting company you start with is most likely the one you will stay with, so take the time to choose the right web hosting company from the start, you’ll be glad you did.

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