Best WordPress Page Builders Reviewed!

Today, WordPress page builders are getting more and more competitive with each other. This is due mainly to the fact that there are new features being added and more improvements to wordpress page builders that ever before.There are several aspects that make up a page builder, is it easy to use? Is it cost effective? How long as the wordpress company been out for? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself when you are looking for a wordpress page builder

Below I will give you my opinion on what i believe about some of the most popular wordpress page builders, some are amazing and some are not so amazing. I made this review about wordpress page builders with no bias, i really wanted to show people what i think of these page builders because i get asked about it so many times 🙂

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So lets begin, here are the list of wordpress page builders in my review.

SiteOrigin Page Builder

The siteorgin page builder was one of the first page builders for wordpress. Along with being one of the first page builders, it is a free page builder. The page builder offers alot of different widgets to help you diversify your creativity with your website. The problem with this page builder is that it really never changed, at all. Its true they have added a live editor to this page builder but besides that i just found the page builder very difficult to use and not really user friendly. I personally cant recommend this page builder to people because since this page builder has remained dormant, many new page builders have come along and really blown this page builder out of the water.

The Veridict: C

Price: Free

Ease Of Use: 40%

Community Support: 50%



The themify page builder has been around for quite some time. In fact, this was one of the first companies to introduce a front end editor for their page builder which was really quite impressive at the time. The company has some work to do with this page builder however as its not really user friendly and can be a little difficult to learn.

I personally think that this page builder has alot of potential but they really need to look at the competition to see what other page builders are doing. In addition, i found out that this page has way too many options in their wordpress page builder. Along with being around the longest, the company has the lowest audience retention out of all the page builders which is quite surprising as its around the longest. Today, many page builders have cool animations and helpful tutorials, this company however does not.

The Veridict: C-

Price: $39

Ease Of Use: 35%

Community Support: 40%



The elementor page builder for wordpress took wordpress by storm. I was very skeptical about this page builder when it first came out but boy was i was wrong. This is one of the best free page builders for wordpress. The page builder comes with several different template layouts and is ultimately very easy to use. In fact i have a few tutorials on this wordpress page builder and its also the highest rated course on udemy. Oh yeah, its free too. What makes this page builder great is not just the page builder, but the company provides many tutorials and helpful tips with it. Along with these great resouces comes facebook groups, forums, and just a large community to help support it and make it one of the best free page builders for wordpress.

The Veridict: A

Price: Free

Ease Of Use: 90%

Community Support: 90%

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Beaver Builder


Beaver Builder, what a weird name for a wordpress page builder! I just had to get that out. Beaver builder comes with a front end and a back end editor. The company has been around for quite some time and frequently updates the page builder which is good. I think this company has potential. I am a little disappointed that they have been around for a while yet dont have any social presence on youtube of facebook. Honestly, how hard is it to make a youtube video on a weekly basis? I think the company can do much better than where its at right now. However, the company really hasnt added much to the page builder. Its not as easy to use as elementor or divi but i still think the page builder can have its uses but i wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

The Veridict: B-

Price: $99

Ease Of Use: 80%

Community Support: 50%


Divi Theme

Wow, thats what i said when i saw all the divi theme updates. This is a wordpress company that i think all wordpress theme companies should follow. Elegant themes has been around since 2014. When it first came out it was only a backend editor. I still promoted the company back in 2016 because I liked the companies ethics and culture. Since than, they have created some amazing improvements and updates with this theme. In late 2016, they added the visual builder which was a front end editor. In 2017, the company really went into turbo drive and added some amazing features and tons of free layouts with the theme. In addition to this, they have created tons of free layouts and tutorials to help people who are new to wordpress. I highly recommend this theme, its the best.

The Veridict: A+

Price: $89

Ease Of Use: 95%

Community Support: 100%

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WP Bakery (Visual Composer)

Visual composer is one of the oldest page builders. But quite frankly, i dont like it. I have never used a page builder that had more glitches and problem than this page builder. Even in my review of this page builder, the page builder itself was really glitchy and not really following my commands in the video. I have used this page builder on a few websites, What makes this page builder really bad is that its very difficult to learn, If you are new to wordpress you may have a difficult time with this one. When i use this page builder, i dont really see anything good about it. When you compare this page builder against others, its hard to say anything positive about it sadly.

The Veridict: D-

Price: $45

Ease Of Use: 50%

Community Support: 30%

Thrive Arcitect

Thrive Themes recently launched their newest page builder and its actually quite impressive. What I like about this company is that they recognized the competition and improved their page builder. To me, thats what makes a good wordpress company. In addition, the company has many helpful resources and tutorials to help beginners with wordpress. The page builder itself is very easy to learn. In addition to the page builder being intuitive, it has some really cool features that some other page builders dont. If you are looking for a wordpress page builder, i recommend thrive themes, its worth a shot!

The Veridict: B

Price: $67

Ease Of Use: 80%

Community Support: 80%



What do you think about these wordpress page builders? Make sure to take my poll to see if your wordpress page builder makes it to the top!

How To Create an eCommerce Website(Online Store) With WordPress and WooCommerce

In the early days of WordPress, it was normally used for blogging online. However, things have changed drastically over time as WordPress has advanced into a complete content management system capable of powering just any kind of website including e-commerce website.

It is important to note that although WordPress website can be an e-commerce platform,  it may not be a good fit for all situations. However, let us see some of the reasons to consider using the WordPress platform.

  • You can use WordPress if you are someone who wants a total control of your website
  • You want to not just have an e-commerce website but also include things like pages and blogs as part of all encompassing webs
  • You do not want to use e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce since you are required to pay monthly transaction fees by using them.
  • You don’t want to bug yourself with web languages that make you scared. Note that WordPress is designed to be very easy to understand and use. Therefore, if you are a first timer, it is expected that you can key into the system without many issues
  • You are interested in starting gradually and then keep building your website as time goes on
  • You are looking for a platform where you can engage developers easily when the need arises
  • You want to keep your payment processing system less complicated

The following reasons above make perfect sense to use WordPress. However, WordPress may not be the best thing to use if

  • You want a complicated payment system where you have a fully integrated system that would run without developers help. WooCommerce may be able to do this but the problem is that it could be complicated.
  • You are looking at having all the hosting and technical details all taken care of

If the reasons above fit into your demands, then this guide is for you. This guide is written to cover exactly how you can set up an e-commerce website in WordPress with WooCommerce Plugin. Having said that, let’s look at the steps in details.

Why should you go with WooCommerce and products you can create?

WooCommerce can create so many types of ecommerce shops where you can publish different types of products. Some of the products include

Simple Products: This is a shop that deals with just the basic components of what to sell like the product description, price, gallery plus the add to chart button

Downloadable Products: This type of products that is available for the only download like applications and e-books

Variable Products: This is where you sell products with a lot of variables like colors, sizes, materials among others.

External Products: This is an affiliate product link with links to where the product is sold.

Grouped Products: This is a set up where a collection of products that are related are grouped together and sold individually.

Get Started-  Get Domain Name, Web Hosting and Install WordPress

Step 1: Get Domain Name

The first thing to do to create an e-commerce website is to install WordPress on a hosting account using your domain name. For domain names, you can actually get a good domain name that would suit your website needs on places like Siteground. Domain names should be short, simple and reflect the type of service you are offering. Once the issue of domain names and hosting is sorted, you can install WordPress on your hosting account and begin from there.

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Step 2: Get Web Hosting

There are a lot of hosting service available you can use and that would depend on the size of the memory for your website. It is important to remember that e-commerce websites need more memory space for PHP than normal sites and since it could have thousands of products and visitors, it is vital to factor them when choosing a hosting account. Example of hosting accounts are Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground and other options.(You can search for more).

Step 3: Install WordPress

After getting your domain name and hosting, it is time to install WordPress on your hosting account using your domain name to get started.

What are The WordPress Ecommerce Options?

First of all, it is important to mention that a website qualifies to be an e-commerce website if it has three things. They are the shopping cart, product pages, and checkout process. These are what differentiate e-commerce websites with just an ordinary WordPress website.

To make this work, you are expected to add these functions to your WordPress website using a plugin. For the benefit of those who get confused by the term plugin, it is simply a kind of software that you can install on your WordPress website and the essence is to improve on the functionality of the website.

In an e-commerce website, there is need to install a plugin which has the capability of creating custom product pages, introduce shopping cart functionality in such a way that allows any visitor to add products to the cart while shopping on the site. In addition, the plugin should synchronize the added product in the cart with a payment function that calculates the product purchased by the visitors.

Note that there are a lot of plugins that can produce these functionalities but the most recommended are the WooCommerce produced by WooThemes.

Let us see why WooCommerce is by far the most recommended and used when it comes to creating e-commerce sites

  • First of all, WooCommerce has all it takes to make an e-commerce website. It is easy to use, loaded with functionalities; it is versatile and has the community and reputation to make an e-commerce website in WordPress
  • It is search engine friendly. That means if you are concerned about search engine optimization, then WooCommerce is the best plugin to choose
  • It is backed up by a very reputable company. WooThemes the creator of WooCommerce is a well known reputable company that has contributed to the WordPress community for years. It has been known to support WordPress foundation for years.
  • WooCommerce has the required support and versatility you will likely need in the process.

Install WooCommerce

Let us recap; we have talked about installing WordPress on a hosting account using your domain name as the basis. Now, it is time to install your e-commerce plugin in order to create an e-commerce website. Therefore, we need to Install WooCommerce using the following steps

  • Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click on Add New Plugin
  • Then search for WooCommerce and click on “install” to activate it


It is important to understand that WooCommerce will require several pages to function and this includes things like cart page. You can customize these pages if you want but for a start, it may be better to allow the wizard install the pages


  • Then you can set your location, currency, and units
  • Shipping and tax will require that you customize it at some point but initially, you can enter it in general settings in order for the store to start.


  • Enter payment options. Note that this area is one of the most important areas when it comes to running and e-commerce store. Paypal can be used for a start but you can still explore as many options as you can in the settings.


  • Your WooCommerce is now installed and you can now focus on the product. You can create your first product page and use it to understand how to enter the right information

WooCommerce_ready to go

Go through the product page to see what you will need. However, you are to ensure that your URL structure is stored correctly and the theme is well integrated with the new functionality of the e-commerce website. Failing to do this will result in unwanted issues. It is also important to note that there are also a lot of other plugins that would likely synchronize with the WooCommerce plugin and it is important to note them down. Examples of these plugins are Analytics and Yoast SEO. They are a very powerful tool used for tracking and they are free.

To make it work together,

  • You can go back to the “Add New Plugins” on your dashboard and then
  • Search for WooCommerce Google Analytics Integration.
  • Once found, install and activate it.

Step 5: Setting Up Your Online Store Structure

Setting up your online store structure should be the next thing to do because online stores have a lot of ways to display products. The bad thing is that it could sometimes generate some ugly and inefficient URLs that are unfriendly to search engines for your product categories. However, the combination of WooCommerce and WordPress makes the efficient set up of these permanent links possible. But note that it is difficult to change the permalink structure once it has been set up. It is important to always confirm them even though the default settings are generally good.

  • Go to the new WooCommerce link on your dashboard
  • Go to settings> products

It is important to note that WooCommerce will need a product archive page which will be used to display all your products. It is like having a blog display all the posts you have made but this time, we are talking of products.


  • However, WooCommerce will make this archive using the standard WordPress page and name it to shop page by default.
  • You can always edit the name if you do not like it to be called shop page by going to pages. All pages and call it whatever suits you. There may not be any need for your visitors to see it and you can make it your homepage if you desire but the point is that it really has to be in place.
  • Then click on the link to see your product permalinks.

Here you can set your permalinks both in WordPress and product. However, note that during your WordPress set up initially, you must have enabled Pretty Permalinks. One thing about these permalinks is that they are done is such a way that makes it impossible to have any kind of conflict with categories or blog posts you may want to write. However, they are also customizable in any way you may want them to appear. For example, having a silver product category instead of a silver blog category will produce a default display like

“ or product category/silver”

  • There is nothing wrong in using the default settings but at some point you may just have to customize it by putting the product option under the permalink of the product especially when aesthetics is desired.
  • The major work is now done as your online store set up is done. You can now navigate to the created product links in the dashboard of WordPress to create a category or product and see the look or appearance of the URLs before your proceed.

Step 6: Getting a Compatible WordPress Theme

It is important to make sure that your WordPress Theme is very compatible with WooCommerce. This is because most things you do will not work if they are incompatible. It is important to understand the difference between Themes and Plugins to appreciate why both are very vital.

Note that Themes will control the output of your functionality and these are what your visitors are actually going to see while WordPress is more of controlling the functionality of your website.


Note that WooCommerce is a very superior plugin and there is some functionality that some Themes cannot handle correctly. This is why it is important to always select Themes that would not show product pages as ugly. With that in mind, you will also want a Theme that is versatile in the sense that it can be upgraded or updated and give you exactly what you want.

There are a lot of Themes you can get for your e-commerce website that is good. Let us see some of them

  • WooThemes Theme- They are good themes that are perfectly aligned with WooCommerce but they are not free. However, if you have the funds, this seems to be the best especially as it has a lot of support.
  • WordPress default Theme- There are also good WordPress Themes every suitable for this purpose. For example, a Theme like Twenty-Twenty is very good and it is also free. Sometimes, it may come with your installation but if it does not, you can always get it through Themes> Add New. It is free but at the same time, it will give you what you need.
  • Marketplace Themes- If you want and if you have the funds, there are a lot of quality Themes at the marketplace that are compatible with WooCommerce. For example, there is ThemeForest which is well equipped to handle WooCommerce features. However, when going to the marketplace to find themes always ensure that you define exactly what you want because many may just be exaggerated.
  • Another way to solve the issue of good themes is by getting a framework such as Genesis by studio press. It is good and syncs very well with WooCommerce plugins. It also allows for easy changes without having to impact on your overall site. But one thing you must note about Genesis is that it takes a little more work to sync it up with WooCommerce. You can check it outside this guide as it is not our main focus.

However, if this is a little complicated than expected, the WooThemes are a good fit especially as it is just a plug and play plus automatic sync with WooCommerce.

Step 7: General Store Settings

You can do general store settings for your store.

  • First, go to the WooCommerce link found in the dashboard menu.
  • Go to settings and find the General Tab. When you get there, you will notice the default settings which may have been set up by WooCommerce. You can check every one of them because of a truth; some may not be a good fit for what you want. To do that, click through each of the sections and subsections to check them.
  • WooCommerce comes with built in styling that is used for buttons and borders. You can customize them to your taste if you want to. You can also enable lightbox which allows any visitor clicking on your product images to see them in a zoom form without having to leave the product page.
  • When setting product images, check for sizes, the shape and how it is seen overall. Check if it should be scaled down. Here WooCommerce will allow you to set single product image, catalog images and also product Thumbnails. The good thing is that most of the settings required as just self-explanatory and that means you will be clear about it as you go through them. However, ensure you are paying good attention to details and check on all options being thrown up by WooCommerce. Go through all the settings and customize as you want it to be.

Note that some tabs require full understanding when setting up your online store. For example, you have the System status where the information from allocated memory to the version number. Then if for any reason you need to reset your store entirely, then it can be done at the Tools tab but you may never need it.

Then you have the WooCommerce Add-ons and to a lot of people, this is like the magic box of the whole thing. Normally building an e-commerce generally will require you to have a developer who will program some functionality but with WooCommerce, everything is just like plug_and_play.

WooCommerce gives you a lot of access to enough extensions that you can work with. Most of the extensions may not be free but it is way cheaper than most of the custom solutions that you may need generally. Some of these WooCommerce extensions can be found in the market place and they can be added easily.

With your e-commerce store on WordPress now functional, let us see how to set up product pages.

Step 8: Setting Up Product Pages

The type of theme you choose will give a look and feel to your product pages. It is important to note that a lot of things go into the product page. For example;

  • Reviews will appear below the product description in the product page
  • Product categories can be added from the product page
  • Product tags could be additional categorization that does not necessarily need to be a product
  • Product gallery is the picture that would appear on the product page as thumbnails

However, the main area of the product page has to be the data widget. This is actually the area where the product information is set. For example, the price of the product, the type of the product, shipping and other relevant information.

Your products can be organized directly from the product page and you also have the choice to organize them as a whole product from the menu.

Finally, there are a lot of things you can do on your e-commerce websites like customized shipping policies capturing rates that are based on bulk, weight, and distance.

Creating an e-commerce website from WordPress does not have to be difficult if you get serious about it. It may look like a difficult thing to do but this guide has tried to simplify things to the minimum for proper understanding. As long as you love the WooCommerce features, creating your online e-commerce store using WordPress is just the best for you. Read this guide over again and you will be surprised to create something you may never have dreamt of.

Read this guide over again and you will be surprised to create something you may never have dreamt of.

How To Send Push Notifcations With WordPress

How to Send Web Push Notifications with WordPress?


Have you ever observed the web push notifications being used on famous sites like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and many others?

If you would visit the trending websites, then you can observe a box-like menu on the top left corner reflecting some kind of notifications from that site.

To your ease, it is quite simple to add and send web push notifications with the help of WordPress. Web push notifications with WordPress have the power to work ten times better than any of your marketing strategies.

In this tutorial, you will learn about the step-by-step process to setting up the web push notifications with WordPress. To top it all, it will be made possible for free.

Why Add or Send Web Push Notifications with the WordPress Site?


Web push notifications serve as clickable icons or messages that are displayed on the top corner of the desktop of the users. These notifications can be displayed even when the users have not opened their desktop. In addition to the website browsers, the notifications are also displayed on the mobile browsers.

Famous websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several others make use of the web push notifications for enhanced user engagement. The web push notifications serve to be highly engaging and converting than normal messaging, email marketing, and various other sources of social media marketing.

As per a recent survey, web push notifications have generated more than 50% success rate on the mobile appliances. This implies increased engaged audience on the WordPress site along with significant boosting in the overall page visits and returning customers.

Setting Up Personalized Web Push Notifications with OneSignal in WordPress

OneSignal is a completely free online service that enables the WordPress website owners to include and send web push notifications to several web, websites, or even mobile apps. This free service can work magic for you by creating a good number of conversions on a daily basis.

Every time you make a post, your audience will get notified on their browser about your latest post. If you wish to use OneSignal for sending web push notifications with WordPress, you can follow the simple series of steps as:


Step 1: To start using OneSignal for sending web push notifications, you will have to, first of all, install and then, activate the plugin of OneSignal on your WordPress site or web browser.

Step 2: Once you have activated OneSignal plugin on your browser or site, you need to advance to Login. If you have not created an account with OneSignal, then you need to sign up by entering your email, password, company or organization name, and by agreeing to the given terms & conditions, you can sign up with OneSignal. Using the credentials, you can now log in to the OneSignal page.

Step 3: Once you enter the main dashboard of OneSignal, it shows the number of conversions you have made on a daily basis.

Step 4: You also come across a menu that says “Add a New App” on the dashboard. You can click on the “+” sign. A box would appear wherein you have to enter the app name and then, click “create” to add the same.

Step 5: Once you have created a new app, a subpage will appear that asks you to make some editing to your newly created app. You can close it for now.

Step 6: From the main dashboard, you need to go to App Settings. A subpage appears that displays a lot of menus like platforms, administrations, Keys & IDs, and Import Users from Another Service.  Under the Platforms column, you would observe the option “Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox”. You can set the web push notifications for the main web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

Step 7: Right next to each of these options, you can click on the option “Configure” for enabling your web push notifications on the desired web browser. On the “Configure Platform”, you need to enter the URL of your site.

Under the section “Default Notification Icon URL”, you can get it from your library. From the dashboard of your site, go to Media from the left menu, and then head to Library. You can click on any image, copy its URL and then paste it in the box “Default Notification Icon URL”. Whenever you will be sending the web push notification, this image with the URL is going to show up on the user’s browser. Therefore, you must ensure that the image is appropriate and its represents your website. Then, click on “Save”.

Step 8: Next, head to Keys & IDs column on the App Settings. Here, you just need to copy and paste the given OneSignal App ID onto your site’s plugin icon. So, head back to the dashboard of your WordPress site, go to Plugins > Add New.

Step 9: In the Keyword Search Bar, search for OneSignal Plugin. Click on “Install Now” icon next to the plugin name. Once it is installed, refresh your site’s dashboard. It will now display “Active” status. Once active, you can see the “OneSignal Push” on the bottom left menu of your dashboard.

Step 10: Click on “OneSignal Push”. Now, copy the OneSignal App ID from the OneSignal “Keys & IDs” section. Now paste that under the App ID section in the Account Settings of OneSignal Push. Repeat the same for the REST API Key.

Step 11: Now, scroll down. You can change the Notification Title as per the one that represents your business. Another important thing to check out here is the “Automatically prompt new site visitors to subscribe to push notifications”. You can toggle it on as whenever anyone visits your site, it will automatically pop up and notify the users about your postings and offers right away. You also need to check on the option that says “Send notifications additionally to iOS & Android platforms”.

Step 12: There are various options of customizing your web push notifications. You can change the size, position, the theme, and so more. With this dashboard and App Setting of your OneSignal Push, you are in full control of the web push notifications that would be sent through your WordPress site. When you are done customizing the push settings, you can scroll to the bottom of the page and hit “Save”.

Setting Up Web Push Notifications for Apple Safari Web Browser

Now that you have set up web push notifications for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox, you also need to set it up for the Apple users. To do it, go to the Platforms icon of the OneSignal Dashboard. Here, click on “Configure” option corresponding to the Apple Safari web browser. It works in the similar manner to that of Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox web browsers.

Step 1: Enter your site name. Then, enter the site URL. Scroll down and hit the icon “Upload by Notifications Icon”. Choose the desired icon from your website, and Click on the Save option.

Step 2: On the Platforms page, under the Apple Safari web browser, you get a key. You can copy the key and go back to the OneSignal Push option on your site’s dashboard. Scroll down, under the option Safari Web ID, just paste the copied key. Now, hit Save at the bottom of the page.

Posting Web Push Notifications with WordPress

Now if you wish to test the OneSignal free service for sending web push notifications with your WordPress site, you can do it with much ease.

Step 1: Just head back to your site’s dashboard. On the leftmost menu, you will see “Post” option. To make a post, enter the desired title. Enter a detailed description of the post in the box below. You can also make use of some editing tools to enhance the given post. Post a picture as well by clicking on the option “Add Media”. Make sure you have checked the option “Send notifications on post publish” on the right corner of the page. Click on “Publish” to send the web push notification.

Step 2: Go back to your site. You will observe the notification on the top right corner of your browser. When you click on it, you will be directed to the post directly.

Thus, you have enabled the web push notifications with your WordPress site with the help of a highly handy tool “OneSignal plugin”. You can use it to send push notifications on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari web browsers and even mobile applications.


We hope this article helped you in learning about how to send web push notifications with WordPress site. The web push notifications can be sent to a particular segment of your targeted audience. You can also schedule to send it on a particular time of the day or night. Web push notifications sent through your WordPress site can play a major role in increasing user engagement and daily conversions on your site. Make use of this high-end feature and experience the joys as you see your online business reach newer heights.

Darrel Wilson

Darrel Wilson

Wordpress Instructor

About The Author

Darrel is a wordpress promoter who teaches free wordpress tutorials on Youtube, Udemy, And SkillShare. He enjoys hiking, trying asian food, and taking his dog to the beach. He continues to provide free tutorials for wordpress themes, digital marketing, and wordpress plugins. He is currently the highest rated instructor on

Top 10 Free WordPress Themes

Top 10 best free WordPress themes

When it comes to selecting a WordPress theme for your website, most people will tell you that its risky to go with a free theme. Indeed, free themes are often created by amateur developers who don’t offer much support. Most website owners will suggest that you stick with a premium WordPress theme with solid support.

However, going with a premium theme is not an option for people who are bootstrapping. But you needn’t worry – there are many free WordPress themes that boast of a quality design with good support. In fact, some free themes even offer better functionality than premium themes and look just as great, if not better.

As someone who has spent years with WordPress, I wanted to take this opportunity to review some free WordPress themes. Today, we’ll be looking at 10 of the best free WordPress themes that are available in the market today. Whether you’re a blogger, hobbyist or business owner who wants to save money, these themes are an excellent choice.

Each of the themes that I will be reviewing are incredibly powerful. These free themes will surely make you think twice before paying for a premium theme. Now, without any further ado, let’s take a look at these free WordPress themes.

Flash Theme

Flash is a free and flexible responsive WordPress theme which is quite popular with the community. This theme is simple, yet elegant and boasts of having an array of amazing features. In fact, many of the features in this theme are mostly available only in premium themes. The Flash WordPress theme is suitable for designing multipurpose websites and is a great choice for beginners and professionals alike.

Flash is considered to be one of the most popular free WordPress themes with users in 2017. This theme currently powers more than 9,000 WordPress websites.

The Flash theme has been built using the modern WordPress Live Customizer. It comes integrated with some powerful plugins including Flash Toolkit plugin and SiteOrigin’s Page Builder plugin. Moreover, this theme includes over 11 useful WordPress widgets, which allow you to drag and drop or mix and match page elements. Thanks to these amazing features, Flash makes building a WordPress website extremely easy and straightforward. In fact, this theme is so powerful that it offers endless design possibilities.

I love the fact that for a free theme, the Flash theme also offers decent support. This is not something that you can usually expect from a free WordPress theme.

The Flash WordPress theme is a fully responsive theme which works wonderfully well on any device. Moreover, this responsive theme includes a “one-click demo” import option. You have 4 demos to choose from and you can import data and start building a website with just a single click. Flash is also fully compatible with social icons and WooCommerce. It is WPML ready and is very friendly to search engines.

Get Free Theme

Hestia Theme

Hestia is another very popular WordPress theme with the community. It is available in two versions – Hestia Lite, which is the free version and Hestia Pro, which is the premium version. While the premium version is extremely powerful, Hestia Lite is itself much more than just another free WordPress theme. In fact, Hestia Lite is so powerful that it is actually recommended for creating business websites.

The Hestia Lite is a material design theme which is modeled on a one-page layout. It boasts of having an attractive looking and modern interface and is very easy to use. It is a very slick and stylish theme – something that you don’t generally expect from a free theme. Moreover, it offers a plethora of features and functionality, making it one of the best in the market today.

Hestia Lite is a fully responsive WordPress theme which works perfectly across all devices. This free theme is suitable for startups and business websites and works perfectly for creative and corporate purposes both. It presents a flexible and clean appearance, includes a featured slider and is compatible with an array of plugins.

I love many of the features of Hestia Lite, including its compatibility with drag and drop builders and WooCommerce. This makes it extremely easy to build a website using this theme. Hestia Lite also supports the WordPress Live Customizer and includes the built-in Sendinblue newsletter subscription form. The footer of this theme offers full widget support, meaning that you can customize it according to your needs.

For a free WordPress theme, Hestia Lite offers stunning features and also has good support. Whatever type of WordPress website you may be building, you won’t go wrong in choosing Hestia Lite.

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Accesspress Parallax

Accesspress Parallax is a modern looking and stylish single page free WordPress theme. It features an interactive and very catchy design and includes a full main image. This theme has been designed keeping the principles of simplicity, elegance and beauty in mind. It is an intuitive theme which is packed with plenty of features. For a free WordPress theme, Accesspress Parallax does not lack features or functionality.

This theme has been modeled on Parallax design, which is one of the most widely implemented designs these days. Unlike most free themes based on this design, Accesspress Parallax is strikingly beautiful, rich with features and is fully complete.

Accesspress Parallax is easily customizable and it offers full widget support, including WooCommerce and bbPress. It is based on CSS3 and HTML codes and includes social buttons, a contact form, photo and video galleries and 3D parallax scrolling. Thanks to its flexibility, this theme can be used by small and big businesses both. It is suitable for creating different types of websites ranging from travel to healthcare and portfolio sites, among many others.

I simply love the solid coding behind Accesspress Parallax. Despite being a free theme, it boasts of stunning frontend designs and a header capable of displaying text or imagery. Moreover, this theme is backed by knowledgeable developers who offer great support.

To sum it up, Accesspress Parallax is a wonderful free WordPress theme which offers striking looks and excellent functionality. It is an intuitive theme that is designed for everyone and anyone.

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OceanWP Theme

OceanWP is an incredibly lightweight and highly extendable WordPress theme which is rapidly growing in popularity. In fact, it is considered to be one of the fastest growing free WordPress themes today. It is used by over 10,000 developers and hobbyists from all over the world.

This multi-purpose WordPress theme boasts of full functionality and it is also well supported by its developers. OceanWP is suitable for building small business websites, blogs and entrepreneurship projects.

It is a fully responsive theme which is fully customizable. Moreover, this theme is also eCommerce ready, thanks to WooCommerce compatibility. The theme has been designed with the best SEO practices in mind and also offers RTL support. For a free WordPress theme, OceanWP is incredibly well coded and is extremely secure.

OceanWP is a very intuitive theme and it allows users to build a website in a matter of minutes. It features very useful options which make it easy to create large menus. Moreover, the lightweight nature of this theme makes it one of the fastest loading themes today.

When it comes to customization, OceanWP is second to none. This theme includes multiple regions for adding widgets and includes several options for personalization. Seasoned developers will also appreciate the extensible codebase. OceanWP has also been designed to work with the best page builders available in the market today.

All in all, OceanWP is a fantastic free WordPress theme which you shouldn’t ignore. Whether you’re building your first website or creating an advanced site, this powerful theme offers everything that you need.

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ReviewZine Theme

While many free WordPress themes are designed for multipurpose use, ReviewZine is different. It is a theme which is designed to create WordPress review websites and it certainly looks awesome! This theme presents a neat and modern appearance, it is fully responsive and is SEO friendly as well. This WordPress theme is ideal for bloggers, tech magazine websites, photography websites, news websites and fashion blogs. It is also a great choice for creating affiliate marketing websites.

For a minimalistic theme, ReviewZine is highly functional and packed with plenty of features. The code behind this theme is clean and validated and is easily editable by anyone with basic knowledge of PHP/HTML. ReviewZine also includes a useful theme options panel and an intuitive interface, which makes it easy to adjust website settings. This theme is also fully compatible with most browsers being used today.

There are many reasons to love ReviewZine, apart from its fantastic looks. This theme has been designed with Bootstrap, it is retina ready, flat and includes social links. ReviewZine comes with AdSense banners, custom backgrounds, homepage templates, tags and filtered categories in a boxed layout. Moreover, this theme includes a responsive slider, rich snippets, an advanced rating chart and built-in advertising blocks in key areas. I also love the built-in live customizer, which makes editing website contents very simple and straightforward.

ReviewZine is also compatible with a range of third party plugins and offers full widget support. This theme also supports localization, so it is a great choice even if you’re building a non-English website. Developers will also love the fact that this free WordPress theme is highly customizable.

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Astra Theme

Astra is a very powerful and responsive free WordPress theme which features a clean and minimalistic appearance. It is a flexible multipurpose theme which is also based on parallax design. Astra is very easy to customize, highly flexible and is very well coded indeed. Despite being a free WordPress theme, it is suitable for creating professional and personal websites both.

This theme is incredibly lightweight and it guarantees faster development and lightning fast website speed. Astra also offers easy editing options that work with or without page builders. Moreover, most of the customization options of this theme can be edited with a single click. This theme makes it ridiculously easy to create a website and it also includes a live customizer. It can be used both by expert developers and also by people with no coding knowledge.

Apart from offering exceptional performance, Astra is also compatible with page builders, plugins and widgets. It also includes a range of professional templates, is beginner friendly and is WooCommerce ready. This theme is supported by an expert team of developers who are incredibly knowledgeable and friendly. No wonder thousands of people rate Astra as one of the best free WordPress themes and it has already crossed over 100,000 downloads.

I love Astra because of its user friendliness and extensibility. It is an open source theme which is designed with high quality and clean coding. This theme also supports custom CSS code, is SEO friendly, translation and RTL ready and includes a range of hooks and filters.

Simply put, Astra is not just another free WordPress theme. In fact, with its features, functionality and impressive looks, it does well to rival premium themes. Whatever website you may be building, this theme will perfectly work for you.

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Screenr Theme

SCREENR may be relatively new to the world of free WordPress themes, but it is already quite popular with users. It is a stylish and bold full screen theme which is suitable for multipurpose use. This theme will be loved by anyone who appreciates good design. It is ideal for creating portfolio sites, small business sites, product showcases, digital agency and freelance websites.

SCREENR is available in both free and premium versions. However, the free version offers almost as much as the premium version.

The first thing you’ll notice about this theme is its bold design which includes large background images. In addition to its striking looks, it also boasts of great functionality. It is a fully responsive theme which has been built on Bootstrap. It has a great, clean code behind it, which allows users to create highly streamlined websites. This theme is also based on Parallax design and as such, it features parallax scrolling.

SCREENR is highly flexible and it can easily be customized, even by people with no knowledge of coding. It includes a 3-column content block as standard which makes it very easy to display information. The theme also includes separate sections for company logos, affiliate links, blog posts, or a video box. Downloading and installing this theme is a total breeze. With this theme, you’ll be able to design and create a WordPress website in a matter of minutes.

While SCREENR seems to be a well-rounded free WordPress theme, I do have one gripe with it. This theme only allows full screen image sliders on the landing page and not on any other page. This can be a problem with people (like myself) who want to use sliders on different website pages. Apart from this, SCREENR is a wonderful out of the box theme that offers excellent functionality.

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GreatMag Theme

GreatMag is another free WordPress theme which is designed to create online magazine websites. It sports a clean and modern look and includes all the tools required to build an awesome website. In spite of being a free theme, GreatMag includes tons of color options, custom widgets, font control and lots of flexibility. This theme is ideal for creating any type of blog, magazine or news website and it can be used by beginners and seasoned developers both.

This theme comes with some excellent features – so much so that it rivals many premium themes in the market. It includes bundled widgets and is integrated with the Page Builder plugin. Moreover, GreatMag allows users to choose from different page layouts and includes a powerful theme customizer. It is a fully responsive theme which is 100% translation ready and includes free access to Google Fonts. Building a website using this theme is an extremely simple and straightforward process.

There are a number of things that I like about GreatMag. First off is the live customizer, which makes editing website elements very easy and it also supports most modern web browsers. Moreover, this theme has been designed with WordPress best practices in mind and it features a very clean code. This theme is supported by an expert team of developers who push updates frequently. As such, GreatMag is usually up to date with the latest WordPress version. And, needless to say, the developers offer excellent support to users.

To put it in short, GreatMag is a wonderful free WordPress theme which seems to offer everything to users. It is highly recommended for anyone who is building their first blog, online magazine or newspaper website.

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Brilliance Theme

Brilliance is another great free multipurpose WordPress theme which is very popular with users. It boasts of having a clean and responsive layout that allows content to pop out. This theme works wonderfully well for creating corporate websites, agency websites and even online magazines. Moreover, Brilliance is incredibly intuitive and anyone can use it to create a website in minutes.

Brilliance is available in two versions – Brilliance Lite, which is free and Brilliance Pro, the premium version. While the premium version offers stunning functionality, the lite version also works very well for many purposes. It is completely customizable and offers users full control over page layouts. Moreover, this theme is compatible with the most used plugins, including WooCommerce, WordPress SEO, WPML, Contact Form 7, Fancier Author Box and several others. It also offers support for many third-party widgets including CPO Widgets, CPO Shortcodes and CPO Content Blocks among others.

Brilliance Lite is a one-page template which comes with custom shortcodes, custom typography and limitless colors. The default theme includes home page layouts and multiple content sliders. It also includes multiple page templates which allows users to create differently styled webpages. This theme comes complete with social icons, a contact form and a call to action button on a sticky navigation menu.

While Brilliance Lite works wonderfully well, one thing I’d like to point out is that the developers only offer support for Brilliance Pro. Also, developers do not push updates to this free theme, but they do fix bugs. Nevertheless, this free theme is quite intuitive and pretty easy to use. Also, given that so many people are already using this theme, community based support is plenty.

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Optimizer Theme

The last in this list, Optimizer is yet another popular free multipurpose WordPress theme. It is a stunning looking theme which is also highly flexible, customizable and includes plenty of features. Also, Optimizer is very intuitive and easy to use and anyone can customize it without having to touch the code. It is a fully responsive theme which works perfectly well across all devices and all modern browsers.

This free theme can be used to create any type of website, including ecommerce sites, small business sites, portfolio sites, corporate sites, personal sites and everything else in between!

Optimizer comes with two types of site layouts, including a boxed layout and a full width layout. Both layouts feature amazing image sliders, over 600 fonts, unlimited color options, custom CSS field and easy uploading of logos. Optimizer has been coded very well using CSS3 and HTML5, making it SEO friendly, retina ready and mobile optimized. The theme is also compatible with an array of plugins including WooCommerce, Contact Form 7, MailChimp, bbPress and several others. Moreover, Optimizer also supports localization and it is translation ready.

For a free theme, Optimizer has been tested rigorously to offer the best performance. The code is highly secure and clean and this theme is optimized to offer the fastest page loading speeds.

Some things you’re sure to love about Optimizer include its customization panel, footer options, home page image and various post and page options. The theme includes multiple areas for adding widgets as well. Also, Optimizer has been very well-documented and there are several tutorials to help beginners out with this theme.

All in all, Optimizer is a great theme and it offers a superb amount of options for a free theme. If you’re bootstrapping and looking to create a website without much investment, you can blindly go with this theme.

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There are several free WordPress themes available in the market today. However, the free themes I have mentioned are arguably the most popular with users all over the world currently. Every one of these themes are very easy to use, offer great functionality and allow you to get started in minutes.

Do you use any of these themes? Are there any great free themes that you’d like to recommend that I may have missed out on? Do let me know in the comments below!

Best Web Hosting Companies For WordPress 2017

Best Web Hosting Companies

Whether you’re a business owner or a blogger, you need a website to reach out to your audience. I’m sure you’re aware that you’ll also need to go with a web host to start building your online presence.

A web host is nothing but a company which has web servers with 24/7 connectivity to the internet. To make your website accessible to visitors on the internet, you’ll need to host your website with a web host. You’ll also need to make sure that the hosting solution you’re choosing is reliable, cost-effective and offers you all the functionality you need.

Now, with hundreds of web hosting companies offering different types of hosting plans, finding the right company is a challenge. Every company claims to offer the perfect balance between speed, performance, features, support and price. So, how exactly can you choose the best fit for your needs?

To find the best web hosting company for your requirements, you’ll need to compare a few companies. By taking a closer look at what each web host has to offer, you’ll have a better idea of which one to go with.

Today, I’ll review some of the current best web hosts to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Siteground Web Hosting 

Siteground is one of the most popular web hosts in the market currently which offers an impressive breadth of services. Siteground is considered as an innovator in web hosting, primarily because of their custom solutions and excellent customer support. This web host is recommended for hosting WordPress websites, blogs and small business websites.

In fact, even the official WordPress team recommends Siteground for hosting because they offer a free SSL Certificate and PHP7. The company is involved in Drupal, WordPress and Joomla marketing events, making them a company which is loved by developers.

Siteground is also one of the fastest growing web hosting companies worldwide. It manages thousands of web servers across three countries worldwide and hosts more than a quarter of a million domains. Their plans start from $3.95 per month. Over the last 30 days, Siteground exhibited an incredible uptime of 99.99%.

I love Siteground because of its amazing features and user friendliness. First of all, it is incredibly easy to setup or migrate a website to their platform. They offer multiple in-house solutions including shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated hosting and WordPress hosting among others. They also have a well thought out chat and ticketing system to facilitate customer support.

While this web host may be touted as one of the best in the market, it does exhibit some drawbacks. Their hosting plans offer limited bandwidth and storage and there are no shared month-to-month hosting plans. Also, there is no option for Windows-based servers, which may be a problem for some users.

All in all, Siteground offers plenty in terms of features, functions and security. They also offer helpful customer service and plenty of tutorials to help users get started with web hosting. It is a great option for new webmasters and small business websites.

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WP-Engine Web hosting

WP-Engine is a unique web hosting company which focuses only on managed WordPress hosting. This web hosting company provides secure, scalable and reliable high-performance hosting and also offers plenty of added features. The only reason why WP-Engine cannot be used by everyone is that it only supports WordPress websites. Otherwise, WP-Engine is suitable for beginners as well as advanced WordPress web developers both.

WP-Engine is currently responsible for managing hundreds of thousands of WordPress websites worldwide. While their plans may seem a little pricey – starting at $19.33 per month, the added features definitely make it worth the price. WP-Engine exhibited a great uptime of 99.95% over the last 30 days.

WP-Engine is widely considered to be one of the fastest web hosts for WordPress websites. It also offers the ultimate in scalability, security, reliability and ease of use. WP-Engine supports PHP and Linux and also comes with built-in firewall protection and malware scanning. Moreover, it offers daily backups and unlimited monthly transfers as well. This web host also includes a range of amazing development tools and they offer a genuine uptime guarantee as well.

While this web host seems to offer everything, it does suffer from a few problems. They offer small traffic allotment and limited storage options, making it problematic for hosting large websites. Also, there is no email functionality and this web host does not sell any domain names. WP-Engine may offer good customer support, but their interface lacks web chat support. I must mention that their phone support is great though.

To sum it up, WP-Engine may be a great web option for WordPress websites. However, this web host is a little pricey and offers only basic functionality. Nevertheless, it is a very useful solution and it does what it needs to in a reliable and effective manner.

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DreamHost is a leader in offering cloud computing and high-quality website hosting services. This company boasts of having best in class infrastructure, reliable customer support and superb managed services. While it is an excellent hosting solution, it is more suitable for advanced developers and may not be suitable for beginners.

In terms of features and functionality, DreamHost is second to none. They offer an unmatched 100% uptime guarantee and they are incredibly committed to customers and the community both. They offer expert support, managed services, object storage and various cloud storage plans as well. In fact, many users have said that DreamHost offers exemplary tech support and customer support.

This web host comes with plenty of security features, lots of domain management tools and an excellent VPS offering. Moreover, DreamHost also offers unlimited data transfers every month. DreamHost supports MySQL, PHP, CGI Access, Perl, Shared SSL and Ruby on Rails, making it one of the most complete, all-round hosting solutions today.

The only gripe that some people may have is the lack of site building tools and lack of Windows-based servers. Unless a user has access to site building tools, or has a website ready to be migrated, Dreamhost can be intimidating. While this web host offers the perfect balance of price and functionality, it is best suited for people familiar with web administration.

Also, DreamHost may be a pricey option for first time site owners, with plans starting from $7.95 per month. However, aficionados should easily recognize the tremendous value that this robust platform has to offer. And, they do offer a genuine money-back guarantee, so you can always try them out if you want to.

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GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks is probably the most unique web hosting company out there today. This is because this company offers green energy web hosting services. In other words, the hosting services offered by this company are completely powered by renewable energy. This company is certified by the BEF (Bonneville Environmental Foundation).

Now, don’t let the green energy tag scare you – GreenGeeks is a powerful, scalable and reliable hosting solution. Moreover, this company is as committed to customers as it is to protecting the environment. GreenGeeks currently hosts more than 300,000 domains with data centers located in Canada and the US.

Some reasons to love GreenGeeks is their incredible uptime guarantee of 99.95% and their quick and helpful support. Moreover, they offer WordPress integration, unlimited databases, unlimited traffic and free backups every night. They even offer a free domain name, website migration and a 30-day money back guarantee. Also, activation of a website on GreenGeeks is very quick and efficient. This makes them a great choice if you’re in a hurry to get your site up and running straight away.

While GreenGeeks certainly offers a lot in terms of features and functionality, it does suffer from some drawbacks. This web host is exclusively based on a Unix/Linux environment and lacks Windows-based hosting. Also, they offer only a single type of shared hosting package which cannot be upgraded. In case you host your website with them and your traffic spikes, you might run into a few problems.

GreenGeeks does exhibit a slightly below average page loading time as compared to other web hosts. Also, their plan costs $9.95 per month unless you’re willing to opt for a 3-year subscription at $3.95 per month. While this is certainly not the cheapest price in the market, it is a good choice if you want a zero-carbon footprint.

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a2Hosting may not be as famous as other popular web hosts, but it is still a wonderful hosting option. They have been around since 2001 and they have data centers located in Michigan, Amsterdam and Singapore. This company is known for its robust web hosting packages, their excellent customer support and their uptime guarantee.

This web hosting company is known for offering incredibly fast hosting speeds – up to 20x faster than other popular hosts. Moreover, they also claim to offer extremely helpful 24/7 customer support and promise an incredible uptime of 99.99%. They also allow free site migrations and have a number of preventive measures to keep your website safe from hackers. In terms of functionality and features, a2Hosting is second to no other web hosting company.

a2Hosting also offers free solid-state drives and WordPress integration. Currently, a2Hosting is responsible for managing over 100,000 websites all over the world. It is a powerful and reliable web host and is also easy to setup and use. In fact, most people who have hosted their websites on the a2Hosting claim it to be an outstanding service.

While a2Hosting works with most CMS, their hosting is slightly more expensive than other web hosts. To avail their shared hosting at $3.92 per month, you’ll need to subscribe for 2 years. The cheaper plans also have some restrictions. Also, not every plan that they offer has Windows-based server option. They do offer a 30-day money back guarantee though if you are not satisfied by their service. All in all, a2Hosting is a wonderful option for those who want the best performance from a web host.

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HostGator is a well-known name and one of the largest service providers in the web hosting industry. They offer dedicated web hosting, VPS web hosting and plenty of features and functionality. HostGator is a great hosting option for seasoned developers and for people hosting multiple websites. However, getting used to their interface may take a bit of time, especially if you’re not an advanced web developer.

There are many reasons why HostGator is a top choice. They offer an array of hosting options, a range of freebies and an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. Whether you want a dedicated hosting or shared hosting, HostGator offers it all. Moreover, this web host has an intuitive and extremely easy to use control panel. It comes with built-in Weebly site building software, which is extremely useful.

HostGator is responsible for hosting over 950,000 websites all over the world currently. They also offer amazing 24/7 technical support, unlimited emails and traffic and complete WordPress integration. 

While HostGator seems to be perfect in all aspects, it does suffer from some drawbacks. First of all, there is no Windows-based VPS hosting offered, which may be a problem for some users. Secondly, importing a WordPress website takes longer as there is no “one-step” import process which many other web hosts offer. Finally, the email security offered by HostGator could have included an added layer of security.

HostGator offers limitless options, excellent functionality and it is also a very affordable hosting solution. Their plans start upwards of just $3.48 per month. With unlimited disk space, 24/7/365 support and a 45-day money back guarantee, HostGator is one of the best web hosting companies out there.

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While there are many other web hosting companies to choose from, these are arguably the most recommended across the internet. Whether you want to transfer your website or build a new website, all these hosting solutions are a wonderful option. Sure, you may have heard of other popular web hosts, but these web hosts perhaps offer the best value for money.


What Kind of Hosting Do You Need?

When you first visit a web hosting website, you are pretty much puzzled on what kind of hosting to get. Many people might ask, “which one is the best web hosting plan for my website?” In reality, ill give you a tip.If you are just a small business owner or someone trying to start a small website, get the shared hosting. Its the most simple and basic. If you are a larger business and want to protect your server, i would use the dedicated or cloud hosting. If you want to start your own web hosting business, than i would recommend the reseller because than you can manage and control the hosting packages

Types of Hosting

The majority of hosting plans can be categorized into five main types: Shared, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, and Reseller.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a common and very popular hosting plan with most people . This means you’re also sharing resources like memory and bandwidth. A good example of shared hosting is like an apartment complex. You do not own the complex, yet people live there and the property manager handles their apartment problems. There is a good example of shared hosting. If you have a problem with your website or something isnt working with your website, the hosting company will help you take care of your wordpress issues.

In this youtube video, i show the comparison of many providers with the shared hosting packages


If you want more  power than shared hosting, VPS is the way to go. This stands for virtual private server (VPS) hosting and will grant you great performance without the hassle of a  fully priced of a dedicated server. VPS hosting can give you better hosting performance, because less website sare going to be using the server. This option grants full control on your hosting server. The VPS is a great way to host your business websites. It is. If you have special accommodations than this is a great resource to help your business with hosting.


Cloud hosting is close to the  VPS hosting because the webserver is not a physical machine. The cloud hosting is sent to over various computers. Cloud hosting is more stable and reliable than VPS. For example, if your site is lagging due to low bandwidth, you can than just increase it and BAM, your site has more bandwidth now. This same principle apples to CPU-Usage and memory as well. Cloud hosting is becoming more and more of the industry standard for most business. Cloud hosting is a great resource to use. The fact that you have the power over your own server is great and most people would prefer cloud hosting than VPS for their business.


Imagine getting your own server for your business? Well the dedicated server option is just that. You have full control over the server and the great part is the hosting company will manage it for you so you dont have to spend time dealing with hosting issues and you can focus more on your business.

Reseller Hosting For WordPress

Imagine you want to start your own little web hosting business or you want full control over your clients domains and hosting. This is what the reseller package does. You can virtually start your own hostgator or dreamhost company with this feature. You gain clients and decide what kind of bandwidfth or memory you want them to have for their server.

Popular Hosting Specialities

Every website has a different use. It really depends on the website and also the website project at hand. I dont really use java too much but many people do. Here are some other hosting plans that some people still use for their business.

WordPress Hosting. Why is WordPress Hosting Better?

WordPress has become the most popular platform since 2003. 15 years ago, no one knew how to build a website. Now has made the top 50 most visit websites in the world with billions of page visits. Its easy to use and learn. So many of the web hosting companies and created specialized hosting packages just for wordpress. This can give you more time to focus on your blog content and other various website projects without worrying about bandwidth or other issues,


Let me know what you think about this article!

How To Create a Real Estate Website with WordPress

Howdy All!

I spent a few months to really try and research the best and easiest wordpress theme to create a real estate website with wordpress. After weeks of trail and error, i came across the gensis framework in combination with the elementor page builder. I was amazed at the ease of use and also how well the page builder worked with the agentpress pro theme

Lets take a look at how you can build this website

  1. Home Featured: A full-width widget area, set with a text widget configured to display a Welcome message and an AgentPress – Listing Search Widget.  The Home Page background image will display behind this widget area.
  2. Home Top: A full-width widget area, set with a AgentPress – Featured Listings widget configured to display 6 recent listings.  These listings will display in three columns and two rows.
  3. Home Middle 1: A full-width widget area, set with a text widget.  This area can be used to place a call to action on your home page.
  4. Home Middle 2: A one-third width widget area, set with a Genesis – eNews Extended widget.
  5. Home Middle 3: A full-width widget area, set with a Genesis – Featured Posts widget configured to dispaly 4 Posts with titles and Content limit of 213 Characters.
  6. Home Bottom: A full-width widget area, set with four featured page widgets configured to display the page title and afeatured image.
  7. Footer 1: This Widget area displays in the left third of the footer area on all pages, including the Home Page. Any widget can be used in these areas.
  8. Footer 2: This Widget area displays in the right two-thirds of the footer area on all pages, including the Home Page. Any widget can be used in these areas.
  9. Disclaimer: This Widget area displays beneath the footer credits area on all pages.  This area can be used to display a legal disclaimer on your site.

Note: If no widget areas are active in any of the home page specific widget areas, a blog-style home page will be displayed. If you wish to use a static page for your home page, do not add widgets to the home page widget areas, since doing this will override the home page setting on Settings > Reading.

The website is built by simple drag and drog widgets. Also i want to talk about the middle section and than i will talk about the search box

  1. Home – Middle 1
  2. Home – Middle 2
  3. Home – Middle 3


  1. Go to Appearance > Widgets, click on the Text widget title bar, select the Home – Middle 1 widget area, and click Add Widget.
  2. To configure the widget, click the title bar to open it, and add your content as follows:
  3. 1. The Title in the text widget in the theme demo is Real Estate Agents
  4. 2. The rest of the content will be added to the blank content box below the title.

The AgentPress Pro Theme Demo uses the following text in the Home – Middle 1 Widget Area Text Widget:

<h1 class="tagline">Don't Worry, Find a Pro <a href="#" class="button alignright">How We Work <span class="dashicons dashicons-admin-network"></span></a></h1>
Home – Middle 2

The Genesis eNews Extended widget is used to display a form for your readers to subscribe to your mailing list for email updates..

Go to Appearance > Widgets, click on the Genesis – eNews Extended widget title bar, select the desired widget area from the list, and click Add Widget.

  1. Title: Optional, can be left blank. The theme demo uses Get Our Listings.
  2. Text To Show Before Form: Include the text you wish to display The theme demo uses Stay up to date with the latest:
  3. Text To Show After Form: Include the text you wish to display.

Middle 3

  1. Title: Use a title of your choice to describe the types of posts being featured.
  2. Category: Select the category you wish to have displayed from the drop down.
  3. Number of Posts to Show: The theme demo is designed to show 4 featured posts.
  4. Show Featured Image: Check the box to display Featured Images.
  5. Image Size: Select the thumbnail (200×200) image size.
  6. Image Alignment: Select the None option.
  7. Show Post Title: Check the box to display the post title.
  8. Content Type: Select Show Content Limit.
  9. Limit content: Set to 213 characters.
  10. More Text (if applicable): Use the word More.

Once you have completed the widget configuration, be sure to click Save at the bottom of the widget to preserve your settings.

Dont forget about the elementor page builder

This is the best FREE page builder that works with the genesis framework. You can download it for free on wordpress. Here is an example of some of the templates for the elementor page builder

I hope these templates are helpful. You can also take the elementor page builder tutorial here for FREE!


I took these instructions from studiopress. I dont take credit for it, but its a great resources to learn how to use the theme

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