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Start Selling On Facebook.

Darrel Wilson, Wordpres Designer

13 August 2016

Starting an eCommerce Website can be really exciting, but its important to know what you do after you create it. I bet after you created your website your wondering ” Darrel why is no one coming to my ecommerce website?!” Well, theres alot to be in this process and im here to help. One of the biggest traffic boosters that you can do it connect it with Facebook.

First things First. Install the plugin here

[media-downloader media_id=”25734″ texts=”Download Plugin Here”]

Next Login To your WordPress website and install the plugin. Go to plugins > Add New


Make Sure You Install Plugin First

Photograph by StoreYa

Next, make sure you click on the upload plugin, select the plugin after you have downloaded it to your website than make sure you install and activate the plugin.

This is a Free Plugin, Dont Pay For It Anywhere

Photograph by StoreYa

Make Sure you now Activate the Plugin. Next, on the left side, find the woo-commerce settings and than find settings. Click on the settings tab.

Make Sure You Install Plugin First

Photograph by StoreYa

Next, Find the Storeya facebook tab within the plugin settings. Go ahead and click on it!

These are within the plugin settings

Photograph by StoreYa

Next, go to this website. Please go to www.StoreYa.com

If you are not logged in, please click on the “Get started now – Connect with Facebook” button, and choose WP as your store’s solution.

Type in your Store’s URL and click on the “Continue” button, and then on the “Activate” button.

Connect your store to your Facebook fan page.

Once you are happy with your Facebook store’s customization, have it published!

You will need to make sure that this is a facebook fanpage, refer to the youtube video in order to learn how to do this!

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