Create Your Pokemon Go eCommerce Website!

Create Your Pokemon Go eCommerce Website!

Complete Guide To Creating your eCommerce Website! Step-By-Step!

Are you looking to start your own pokemon go website? This is the big thing right now and many manufactures are starting to sell pokemon go products and items, I will help you step by step on how to create your pokemon go website and also let you know where you can get product from! Follow these steps and you will be on your way to making an ecommerce website with pokemon go in no time! Follow my tutorial and youll make it.

Get hosting

The first thing we need to do is get hosting. You can get hosting from hostgator here

( Use code Darrel99 or Darrelwp25 For Huge Discount!)

Download Theme

For our wordpress theme, we will be using a free wordpress theme called shopisle which is one of the best ecommerce wordpress themes i have personally seen on the market. Download the file here

[media-downloader media_id=”25619″ texts=”Download Shopisle Theme”]

After you download the theme, refer back to the tutorial will i will show you how to properly install the theme, Creating this website is very easy and i will show you step by step on how to create the website.

Here are some pokemon go homepages that you can use for your website!

Pokemon Landing Pages and Premade Layouts

[media-downloader media_id=”25627″ texts=”Pokemon Logo”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25626″ texts=”Pokemon Backround 1″]


[media-downloader media_id=”25622″ texts=”Pokemon Backround 2″]


[media-downloader media_id=”25623″ texts=”Pokemon Backround 3″]


[media-downloader media_id=”25624″ texts=”Pokemon Video Backround Section”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25625″ texts=”Pokemon Header”]


Banner Images for front page

[media-downloader media_id=”25630″ texts=”Poke Ball Image”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25631″ texts=”Pokemon T Shirts”]


[media-downloader media_id=”25632″ texts=”Poke Dolls”]


Custom CSS To Take off Dark Overlay! (copy and paste this in box)


.home-slider-overlay { display: none; }

This will take it off the other pages as well

.page-header-module:before{ display:none; }


Dropshipping ( No Money To Start, must sign up)

Once you create the website, you might want to start looking around for good manufacturers that sell pokemon product. You can find a list from here at salehoo. Let me explain dropshipping. Dropshipping is sort of like being an affiliate. Here how dropshipping works. You make a relationship with the manufacture. You than start to promote the manufactures products. Once somebody buys the product you listed, you than contact the manufacture and the manufacture will ship the item for you. So lets take this example. You post the product for $20. Someone BUYS the product you list. The manufacture will SELL YOU the item for $10.(You basically buy the item from the manufacture) Lastly, the manufactuere ships the item to the customer who purchased it from your store. You just made $10 Dollars. ( this is more of a dropshipping service, recommended for beginners)

Reselling ( Requires Capital, Higher Profits)

You can also try alibaba. This is for people who want to buy the product directly from the manufactuer than resell it here. This is different from dropshipping because in this method, you actually own and receive the product. (higher risk but more profit) Visit this website to check out a list of sellers
Shop the Trend –

In Closing

I think everyone has the ability of starting their own business online just like I have. A website shouldnt stop you. Feel free to drop me any suggestions or any information that you may have. Thanks for reading this and i hope your website turns out amazing!!!


Darrel Wilson


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