Design Agency Layout


Once you have downloaded the layout pack, locate the file in your downloads folder on your computer. Double-click the folder to unzip it and then navigate inside the divi-design-agency-layout-pack folder. Inside this folder you will find 9 files, each of which is a unique layout that you can import into your Divi Library. To do so, navigate in your WordPress Admin to Divi > Divi Library > Import & Export. You can select the individual layout you desire or choose the All Layouts file to important everything at once.

  • Design-Agency_All.json
  • Design-Agency_About.json
  • Design-Agency_Blog.json
  • Design-Agency_Contact.json
  • Design-Agency_Portfolio.json
  • Design-Agency_Case-Study.json
  • Design-Agency_Landing.json
  • Design-Agency_Home.json
  • Design-Agency_Project1.json
  • Design-Agency_Project2.json


Download a Free & Impressive Design Agency Layout Pack for Divi

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