Elegance Layout

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The Winner Of the Best Divi Design Competition


You Can View His Store Here

This layout includes several pages. It is a great layout for virtually any business. You can find the password by watching my latest divi tututorial

You can visit their website and shop around for additional layouts!


13 reviews for Elegance Layout

  1. satish86sahu

    where is the password?

    • darrel wilson

      its located in my newest divi tutorial!

  2. Rich

    Great new tutorial for this layout! I watched on Skillshare but didn’t see the password in the videos. Is it somewhere else? Thank you

  3. juniorsphone (verified owner)

    I don`t know why, but this layout doesn`t work. The Home Page layout for example don`t be equal. I put the CSS and upload the Theme Customizer.

  4. Helena

    Cant find the password, have looked at what I think is the latest divi tutorial, but can not find it anyway

  5. Chethana

    Awesome layout!
    Wanted to use it but couldn’t find the password in the tutorial video.
    Where can i find it?

  6. Todd T.

    AWESOME TUTORIAL!!! The theme is amazing and gives your website design a jumpstart with an awesome layout

    • darrel wilson

      thanks again!

  7. Lem (verified owner)

    it says unable to import context

  8. Dibson


    Thanks for the beautiful child theme. Any ideas why typing in the password doesn’t allow me to get to download this theme?

  9. alex cardona

    Can you post the link to the video that has the pasword.

  10. sanjay

    the password given in video is wrong

    • darrel wilson

      its lower case!

  11. Naman Sharma

    When I enter the correct password and press add to cart it says the layout has been added to cart but when I click view cart it says the cart is empty. I can’t download the layouts!

    • darrel wilson

      its lower case

  12. dayibsmart (verified owner)

    it says unable to import context

  13. Jon

    Is it not free anymore?

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