WebSeiten Germany Layout

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This layout was created by Webseiten Germany. His designs are some of the most unique yet amazing looking designs in the divi community

You Can View The Demo Here

You can Visit His Personal Store Here

Includes several pages with CSS instructions

You can visit his store on his new website here


16 reviews for WebSeiten Germany Layout

  1. chelseacohen (verified owner)

    Easy to install and beautiful design. I love it!

  2. Yanni (verified owner)

    I’m totally digging this theme/template/layout. The fact that you can utilize on certain portions in different pages… what what?!!?!? This totally ROCKS! Very easy to upload and it comes with all the photos and things you see here. All you would need to do is replace with your own images and content (TEXT) . Thank you guys!

  3. Peter


  4. zreh

    where can I find the product password?

    • darrel wilson

      its in my latest divi theme tutorial

      • Robert

        Which tutorial is that?

      • cdaisyconcierge (verified owner)

        Thank Darrel!

        • darrel wilson

          you are welcome!

  5. Blagovest Borisov

    Where is your latest divi theme tutorial? Thank you

    • darrel wilson

      its on my youtube channel!

  6. Sharon (verified owner)

    I love the look of this website and wanted to use the header from the home page but I can’t figure out how to get the words to type in. I don’t understand the code that’s in the content field [typed id=’5333′]. The general explanations word doc doesn’t address this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • Emily

      Sharon – did you get an answer about this one? I can’t figure it out, either!

      • darrel wilson

        its in my latest divi tutorial, its there

  7. Kudrat

    Hi Darrel. Your password DARREL99 doesn’t work. Can you please give a link or say the password?

  8. Robert

    Hey I cant find the password for this in the latest blog tutorial. Any chance of pointing us to that?

  9. Robert

    JUst watched your latest tutorial sped up on youtube (2 freaking hours) and no mention of the password for the divi layout

    • cdaisyconcierge (verified owner)

      Yes he did. Gotta pay attention. This is a thank you for those of us that do!

    • Anthony

      He definitely does lol you have to appreciate people’s effort and Pay really attetion to the value which is the knowledge we get.

  10. Nono

    and where is the last tutorial about divi? Thanks

  11. Mia

    Sorry for being a little bit impolite, but you really want your audience to watch 2 hours (!) long video to get a password for this layout? I really like the design, but spend so much time watching something not interesting (for me) at all, thats such derogation of your fans…

    • up.north

      i totally agree with you Mia, you’re absolutely right, this guy has over 75k subs on youtube and still want to take advantage of us as much as possible. So in order to download one of his stupid layouts (i spent more than 2 hours of my life on this MF*’s channel, to no avail). i would definitely unsub.

  12. SAqib

    How to download this layout i know the password but how to download it

  13. Julio

    Excuseme, you can send me the link of the video tutorial pls. I saw some videon but i cant find the pass.

  14. AUGUSTO MARIN GUZMAN (verified owner)

    Hi Darrell

    Im using the divi WebSeiten Germany Layout .

    when I’m setting a video background in the fullwidth header (in mp4 and Webm format ) it works . I can see it in edit environment.

    But when I test it real (chrome ) the video doesn´t start , I only see a black color .
    have to delete the video setting an set an image instead.

    I wanna have the video working , any suggestion?
    thanks in advance

    my site http://www.viveonline.co (its in spanish)

  15. Clayton Alexander

    What video are we suppose to watch, to get the password for this site? You say the latest video, that was sometime ago and you have lots of videos?

  16. kbestitslution (verified owner)

    oooooow, darrel wilson you kill me with laughter. God bless ok.

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