Membership plugin question

Daniel Israel asked 12 months ago

I'm a noob to woocommerce (in general), but I've been watching your great videos, very helpful. 
I'm working on a website where we will sell “memberships”. The membership in question doesn't give access to different areas of the website, basically I need to gather a bunch of user information, then when the payment is received, the data is verified and a membership card is shipped to the client. (Client doesn't even register to website to make purchase, they can even purchase multiple memberships for other people)
Seems to me, first glance, just having watched a few of your videos, that the membership plugin is kind of overkill for what I need. Should I be looking at just presenting these as basic “products”, or should I be looking at other features of the membership plugin (that you just haven't covered in tutorials yet) ?
Thanks for any advice.

1 Answers
darrel wilson answered 12 months ago

it sounds like you may need the woocommerce product addons. this allows customers to purchase a simple product but with the ability to add custom fields, upload their info or logo and information, you can have the guest checkout option enabled as well