Payment Options and Taxes

BarrettoKarate asked 2 weeks ago

A while back you did videos on Paypal and Swipe and how to set them up onto your Woo-Commerce site. Could you do updated videos on both services? As well as the Pros vs Cons of using those types of services vs “true merchant account providers”? I recently saw a video by a different YouTuber and he said that it’s better to use the latter, especially if you earn more than a certain amount per month. But I still see a lot of pretty big businesses still using it. I also noticed that Paypal has something called an “acceptable use policy” on the sale of certain items.

And, has there been any recent news on the South Dakota vs Wayfair case? Since the ruling can Woo-Commerce or any plugin handle charging sales tax for multiple sales in multiple states?

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darrel wilson answered 1 week ago

i cover how to use the payment processors in this new video