UPC’s and SKU Location color options.

Matt asked 2 weeks ago

I am kinda new to WooCommerce and WP. I found your videos on youtube incredibly helpful I even purchased the flatsome theme for my site from your youtube review so thanks for that. But I need to add upc's to my products and need to be able to export them from with the product from time to time I do have combinations ie Red, Green, Blue Small Med Large, etc. so one product will have multiple UPCs I have found a few plugins but was wondering if you have any suggestions.

I was also wondering if you can help me remove the SKU from my site I don't use SKU so it shows on the flatsome theme as SKU: N/A

The last question I can't seem to figure out is all the text is defaulted to a grayish color I would like all the text to be solid black any advice on how to fix this would be great.

Thanks for your help and your videos.

1 Answers
darrel wilson answered 1 week ago

the color should be adjustable in the theme customizer, as for the SKU not wanting to show, there might be a plugin for this or you can always hire a developer to disable it ( use fiverr )