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Best WordPress Themes.
Free And Premium WordPress Themes
Best Premium WordPress Themes in 2016

Choosing your wordpress theme can be tough for your website. Especially, when they are so many themes out there on the market, its really hard to pick the right one for you. I have gone though many wordpress themes both good and bad. It really took me over 6-12 months to keep looking for a really good theme. Finally, I decided to start trying out premium wordpress themes. The funny part is, not all p[premium wordpress themes are good. Setting up you wordpress theme can be really fun because there is such a large diversity of theme. There are themes for portfolios, business, eCommerce, and even the mobile app style themes now. I have gone through a huge list of themes, I some of theme really stood out to me. Here are my Best WordPress Themes of 2016 both FREE and Premium.

The Divi Theme

The Divi theme is known for its amazing drag and drop page builder. My very own site is created with the Divi theme. The reason why the Divi theme is so popular because of the Drag And Drop Builder, all the amazing templates the theme gives you, plus they constantly update this theme almost on a weekly basis always improving it. The people at Elegant Themes has really done an outstanding job with this theme, Imagine you have legos. You can build anything with legos right? This is exactly how this theme works. This theme is great for your wordpress website and even better for your eCommerce wordpress website. You can get a 30 day money back guarantee. For a tutorial, you can CLICK HERE

The Be Theme

The Be theme is great. With over 200+ templates, it can really give you a boost a good ideas to start your wordpress website. The theme has a great admin area and is very easy to use and navigate. For these reasons, the Be WordPress theme has made my mist of the best premium wordpress themes. You also receive 6 month support! Its all good!

Salient Theme

Salient is really simple and easy to use. With over 49,000 sales, it has a 5 star rating with happy customers. The theme has over 1,000 icons to choose from and a over 600 fonts. Salient theme is an cool and slick theme with a fully responsive WordPress template created by ThemeNectar. It is created to support be on any blog and website that is great for freelancers and many companies have relied on this theme for its ease-of-use. This theme is a very user friendly WordPress theme to use.

Enfold Theme

The great part about  The Core is its different layouts and all the demo sites, which  can change your website in just a few small clicks. It comes with many templates to help you get a better understanding of what you want for your wordpress website. This makes The Core a very diverse theme can be used for all types of projects and freelancers.

This WordPress theme also includes a its own page builder. The page builder for this theme is so simple. Its just drag and drop. This is why this theme made the list of the best wordpress themes of 2016

The Core Theme

Enfold gives you control. It comes with a powerful design editor. This theme uses the drag and drop page editor which will allow you to create anything that you put your mind to. You can create your own grids, splash pages, amazing slide shows, call to action buttons, amazing videos, and really cool portfolio galleries. The editor is really easy to use and great for beginners. This theme is worth checking out and is one of the highest selling wordpress themes on the market

Best FREE Wordpress Themes in 2016


The Shopisle WordPress theme is one of the best ecommerce themes i have come across. The page is very to use and comes with templates with each page saving you time and money. The theme also comes with a very cool video background feature and a product slider. If you want to create a a website with this theme, I have a step-by-step tutorial. CLICK HERE

Optimizer Theme

The Optimzer theme has a great custom page builder. You can even upgrade to the pro for access to all the widgets this theme has to offer. The theme is very responsive and has a fully customization landing page with 2 call to actions on it. This wordpress theme is integrated for the woo-commerce plug-in so you can create your own eCommerce website or online store. for a full tutorial, you can CLICK HERE. 

The Astrid Theme

The Astrid theme is amazing. The theme comes with layout packs and is a hidden gem. The theme is beatiful. This wordpress theme also is responsive and works on mobile.Astrid can help you to quickly create an awesome business website. All the features you need are waiting for you in this business theme: color options, fonts, full width header image, custom widgets, blog options and many other interesting and useful options. If your looking for a great theme for your business, this is it!

AccessPress Store

The AccessPress Store theme is an amazing eCommerce wordpress website. It has really cool tickers that you can add and a really cool slider with sale and new item graphics. The theme also comes with a YouTube visual editor which allows you to embed your favorite YouTube videos on your website. This theme is of of the best eCommerce themes i have come across and has an amazing and beautiful slider which you can control to slide automatically. For a tutorial on this theme, You can visit my tutorial. CLICK HERE.

BlackBeard Theme

The zBlackbeard theme is really unique. It has its sister theme “zerif lite” on wordpress.org which is rated #10 all time free themes. The theme has a very easy to use page builder and requires little work. If you are learning wordpress, this would be a great theme to start with. ZBlackbeard was designed to be a single-page theme. This helps you to quickly scroll through the site and makes the navigation easier. The sections slide fast from one to another, offering a smooth browsing experience. If you are looking for a 1 page wordpress theme for your business, feel free to check out this promising theme!

Perth Theme

This is a one of a kind wordpress theme. The perth theme has this really unique arc style to its wordpress theme and its quickly coming a trending style among wordpress. The theme follows its own page builder and is really unique for most small business and all types of business.Perth is a business theme suitable for both companies and freelancers. Easily create an strong online presence by taking advantage of the many construction blocks available in Perth, like services, employees, skill, social and much more. Also, Perth provides an extensive set of options, including color and font control.

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