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How To Make A WordPress Website 2017 -NEW DIVI THEME TUTORIAL!

Create A Wordpress Website With The Divi Theme  Darrel Wilson, Wordpress Designer14 January 2017The Divi Theme has come a long way. I know many people here are new to wordpress and want to create an amazing wordpress website with divi. Ill Show You How1. Lets Start...


The New Divi Layouts The divi theme has really grown in popularity over the years. Ever since it released its new version 3.0, many people and complete noobs have switched over to it. In fact, many companies and myself included and designed divi divi layouts for...

How To Create A Parallax WordPress Website

28 Want to learn how to make an amazing parallax wordpress website step by step? My new tutorial is up. I have some things that i want to talk about in this blog post along with things that you WILL NEED to finish this tutorial! To start, You will need to download the...

How To Make A MODERN BLOG 2017!

Darrel Wilson Wordpress Helper. Howdy All. Well we are soon entering 2017. I think the best way to enter it is to learn how to make blog posts and websites that fit in the 2017 Genre. Ive seen some tutorials on youtube and while they are decent, they are outdated....


Darrel Wilson Wordpress Designer. The New Divi 3.0 is FINALLY HERE. You are about to embark on a journey unlike any other. The new divi page builder allows you see the changes you make to your wordpress website while you visually see it. This is known as the new...

Best Websites to SUBMIT your website for EXPOSURE

Here are some reasons why to submit your website Submitting your website to other websites helps get more exposure for your website and will slowly start to pop up as the search engines crawl other websites. Below is a good list of places to submit your website. Now,...

Divi Layouts Are Now Available!

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